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Motor aluminum shell heating equipment | Motor stator thermal fit

Zhongshan Haoyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. specializes in producing aluminum shell heating equipment for motors, and there are very mature cases in stator thermal matching. Haoyu HY series and HYZ series induction heating equipment are used, which are widely used for aluminum shells with diameters of 60-1000 and thicknesses of 3-50mm, with adjustable heating time and temperature and uniform heating. Heating time and temperature can be customized according to customer requirements or process requirements.

Application case site:

Customer requirements: heating time is less than 3 minutes, and heating temperature is 230 degrees.

The measured data are as follows: the heating time is 1 minute and 25 seconds, and the heating temperature is 230 degrees. The intermittent heating method is adopted, which makes the heating temperature more uniform. The customer has used it for many years, and it works better with the water cooler. The machine is very stable, and several induction heating devices of different models have been purchased one after another.

If the same or similar products need heating, please contact us at 18022783964, and we will do our best to satisfy our customers. Our aim is “customers can buy with confidence and use with peace of mind”.

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