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HYGP-35AB Induction Heatin Eequipment


  • 1. Maximum oscillation power: 35KVA

    2. Maximum rated input power:35KW

    3. Oscillating frequency: 30-80 kHz

    4. Input voltage: single-phase 380V, 50 or 60HZ.

    5. cooling water requirement: 0.2 MPa, 2 ~ 5 l/min.

    6. Load persistence rate: 80%

    7. Timing function of HY-35AB automatic control type: heating time, holding time and cooling time: 1-99 seconds.

    8. Length of split main-extension connection: 2m.

    9. Weight and volume

    model Weight KG Volume (CM) Length× Width× Height
    HY-35AB host 34 61×26×56
    HY-35AB auxiliary machine 30 50×27×44
  • 1. Using MOSFET power devices and our company’s unique converter control technology;

    2. The equipment is the simplest, the lightest and the lowest price;

    3, the operation is simple, and you can learn it in a few minutes;

    4, the installation is simple, and it can be used only by connecting electricity and water, without special installation;

    5. The automatic control type can adjust the power and time of heating and heat preservation process, which is beneficial to improve the repeatability of heating quality and simplify the operation of workers;

    6. The split machine is mainly used in harsh conditions such as dirty working environment, high temperature and corrosiveness.

  • One, heat treatment industry:

    1, high frequency quenching heat treatment of hardware tools, such as; Vice, hammer, powerful pliers, wrench.

    2. High-frequency quenching heat treatment of various automobile and motorcycle fittings, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, valve, various gears in gearbox,

    High-frequency quenching heat treatment of various forks, splined shafts, transmission half shafts, various small shafts, crank pins, various rocker arms and rocker shafts.

    3. High-frequency quenching of hydraulic components, such as plunger of plunger pump, rotor of rotor pump, reversing shafts on various valves, gears of gear pump, etc.

    4. High-frequency quenching heat treatment for gears and shafts of various electric tools.

    5, all kinds of woodworking tools, such as: axe, planer and other heat treatment.

    6, stainless steel basin edge curling annealing, stainless steel tensile annealing.

    Second, the welding industry:

    1, all kinds of turning tools, planers, milling cutters and other machining tools welding.

    2. Welding of various diamond tools, such as diamond saw blades and diamond drilling tools.

    3. All kinds of straight drill bits, cylindrical drill bits, swallow briquette drill bits and riveted rod drill bits.

    4, all kinds of shearer pick welding, all kinds of excavator pick welding.

    5, all kinds of mechanical tool welding.

    Three, forging industry:

    1, all kinds of standard parts, non-standard parts of the hot pier.

    2, pliers, wrenches and other hardware tools before forging heating, etc.

    3, drill tools, drill tail shank, cone, drill bit forging, etc.

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