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About us

Zhongshan Haoyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive electromechanical equipment company integrating research and development, sales, manufacturing and technical service of induction heating equipment. The company’s leading products include high frequency, intermediate frequency, ultra-high frequency and ultra-audio induction heating equipment and peripheral supporting products. Our technicians have rich experience in this field, and can solve practical production problems for customers, and jointly develop new products with customers to provide all-round services.

Our products are widely used in machinery processing industry, home appliance manufacturing industry, oil fields and mines, ship terminals and other industries. We provide system engineering design, supporting and installation services; At the same time, it also provides product technical consultation and professional design system engineering. We are committed to providing customers with the most perfect turnkey project and all-round technical support and after-sales service.

“Seiko and high quality” is the basis of our products based on the induction heating equipment market at home and abroad. We have established a good company reputation and brand image in the spirit of people-oriented, down-to-earth and steady enterprise style and honest and pragmatic business philosophy. We always insist on providing cutting-edge technical solutions for the industry and are committed to making valuable creations.

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