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About us

About us

Zhongshan Haoyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive electromechanical equipment company integrating research and development, sales, manufacturing and technical service of induction heating equipment. The company's leading products include high frequency, intermediate frequency, ultra-high frequency and ultra-audio induction heating equipment and peripheral supporting products. Our technicians have rich experience in this field, and can solve practical production problems for customers, and jointly develop new products with customers to provide all-round services.

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Service Items


Braze Welding

Brazing of copper, aluminum, iron and stainless steel pipes, welding of saw blades, turning tools and wire and cable joints.


Stretching annealing of stainless steel, curling annealing of kettle mouth, annealing of soda bottle mouth, stress relief after welding.


Small optical axis quenching, golf ball head quenching, gear quenching, agricultural tool quenching


Hot forging of automobile crankshaft, hot forging of copper joint and hot forging of aluminum products.

Thermal fit

Feeding bottle brush thermal fit, motor stator coil aluminum shell thermal fit, roller thermal disassembly.


Small melting furnace, university experimental furnace, factory laboratory furnace, sample melting furnace

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